The Exterior Of Adorado Bar Buenos Aires

Adorado Bar is a place that sticks out among the crowd, which can only be understood as something purely favourable. Here’s why: In a country where breakfast is understood as a mere cortadito with a sweet croissant to match, it sure is pretty exciting to see a surge of eateries devoted to the art of breakfast and brunch.

The Place

But first – let’s talk about the looks. Adorado Bar’s exterior shines bright amidst the landscape of countless cafés and bars that makes of Buenos Aires’ trendiest neighbourhoods. Walking inside, the calm buzz of the customers and its tasteful decor gives you a homey feeling that couldn’t welcome you more even if you tried to put a freaking doormat at the entrance. And hey – PLANTS. Don’t forget about the plants!

The Interior Of Adorado Bar

What To Eat

Their food vision is simple: Fresh and made on the spot. The menu is a union of breakfast/brunch items and sandwiches/burgers, which I chose for obvious reasons (read the name of this blog in case it’s not evident). The burger patties are pretty unique – the way they’re minced are a combination of beef grinder and hands. The flavours are combined exceptionally. Also, to have the know-how to place an Argentine imperial stout on my table to go with the burger is a nice touch to the experience. Kudos to the staff.

How To Get To Adorado Bar

Adorado Bar is a fresh place serving fresh food, in a very fresh neighbourhood. Palermo feels sometimes like a universe of its own, and Adorado makes you want to stay there forever – eating brunch, gazing at its inhabitants.

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The images featured on this article are originals, taken on their Mar del Plata location.



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