Fried Chicken in Kreuzberg Berlin

Angry Chicken is a place that I first wandered into accidentally, spellbound by the splendour of their colourful exterior that stands out beautifully in the middle of Heinrichplatz in Berlin.

This way of discovering places kinda takes me back to my teenage years, where my decision-making at the record store at times depended on the look of the album cover. That way of thinking led me to purchase a Shaquille O’Neal rap album at one instance so I wouldn’t recommend this method to everybody, but since I like going on a whim this naturally translates into my restaurant experiences as well.

But – there’s something about gut feeling that opens the right doors in times of unfamiliarity. 

So when I first tried the food at Angry Chicken it went from unfamiliarity to familiarity after one bite. This was the type of excellence in fried chicken making that I had experienced before. Another place I’ve written about before is Vancouver’s own Juke Fried Chicken, and what these two places have in common is that they master the art of frying chicken with CONFIDENCE.

Yes, confidence! There’s just such an abundance of places that offers half-heartedly fried chicken nowadays so discovering Angry Chicken and, most importantly, knowing that a place like this exists and won’t disappear once I wake up from my crispy chicken dream (!) makes me very happy!

The Place

The place itself is super tiny with a couple of long tables and high chairs filling up the space. It’s about being in a happy place (internally as well) and staying there while you eat and socialize. The people are friendly and welcoming – big plus in Berlin – and the prices are ridiculously low without compromising the quality.

The folks at @angry_chicken sure knows their KFC (Korean Fried Chicken, that is)

Et bilde publisert av Fernando Nikolic (@eatingwithyourhands)

The Angry Chicken Menu (Korean Fried Chicken Berlin)


Featured image taken from Angry Chicken’s official home page



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