Antica Focacceria San Francesco

Palermo is a lot of things. It is literally surrounded by the best fish humans ever known to man, has a scent of fried food at every corner, and its culinary culture boasts of rich traditions, past and present. Actually, more of the past than the present.

More importantly though, it is a city where uninhibited eating is regarded as a necessity; an integral part of what you’re supposed to do while you spend your time in the Mediterranean island.

Antica Focacceria San Francesco, the former chapel turned into one of Palermo’s landmark eateries, is the first place to go to if you are into the city’s street food offerings. Eating there is like eating within a melting pot of food that have their roots in centuries of Sicilian, Greek, Arabic, Spanish and French culinary traditions. Case in point: Pani ca meusa. If you ever want to indulge in some serious Sicilian street food, these sliced sesame seed rolls (local name “Vastedda”) filled with slices of spleen cooked in lard will get you hollerin’.

Current Sicilian debauchery.

Et innlegg delt av Fernando Nikolic (@eatingwithyourhands)


Antica Focacceria San Francesco: What To Eat

Sure, the atmospheric, marble-floored surroundings of Antica Focacceria San Francesco can divert your attention of the food and drive a more touristy crowd to the place. But ultimately it is the food that has the final say. Many people can be found online criticizing the place in a troll-like fashion, but when the food upholds a certain standard it does not really make a big difference for me. Grab the mixed platter of panelle and cazzilli di patate. It is the perfect side dish to have together with a pani ca meusa sandwich. So grab a sandwich and a Moretti beer and feel the busy vibes of Antica Focacceria San Francesco – a touch of old school but indisputably satisfying



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