Fernando Wilcox

Jibarito Sandwich: What You Need To Know

The puerto rican Jibarito sandwich is a sandwich nobody has heard about. Not even in Puerto Rico. For native puerto ricans, jibaro means “rural person”. A term which can be affectionate or insulting depending on circumstances and preferences, I suppose. But not in the Midwest. Checking the list of messy sandwiches from Chicago, this Puerto Rican steak sandwich …

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Food Illustration: 5 Talents To Know

In an ever-present digital world, analog things has its ways of always coming back and take a new hold of me. In todays #foodstagram, infographic and vector-heavy digital landscape, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone didn’t know about the concept of drawing with their hands. For others, like me, it has opened their minds to how awesome illustration can …

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Montanara Pizza

I have previously written about strange crusts before, like the pie-like Chicago deep dish pizza. But a deep-fried-from-here-until-eternity pizza dough, topped like a traditional Napolitana? This makes me think that this – just this – could be the ultimate late night pizza. The History of the Montanara Pizza Antonio Starita, somewhat regarded as a living legend in the …

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