avocado burger buns


avocado burger buns

Hello, Internet: The avocado burger buns are officially here.

So make your belly ready for some deliciousness headed your way. If you consider yourself a real avocado fan, we guess the avocado burger buns will be as big as the avocado roses that broke the internet a couple of months ago.

We who know about the avocado know two things:

number one

We’re pretty tired of seeing countless blogs and Instagram feeds talking about how great avocado on toast are.

number two

We are aware of is that, hey – it’s a superfood we should be eating regularly.

So when news about the avocado burger bun going viral broke out, it was seriously refreshing. Viral food is seriously a hilarious thing to cover sometimes, and we are so happy to include the avocado burger bun together with the sushi burger and the korean waffle pizza. The creation of food stylist Colette Dike / @fooddeco) on Instagram, these avocado burger buns takes the traditional burger bun and reinvents it using an avocado sliced in half. Needless to say, you’re in for a lovely treat of good-for-you fats and plenty of nutrients, without any of the simple carbs a traditional burger bun will give you.

Now, we already know that burgers are great — that’s an undeniable truth.

But….burgers with bonuses are even better.

We just love it when the internet delivers! When someone chooses to take a different approach to something so traditional as the hamburger and spins it, the entire universe wins.

The burger is pretty genius using chickpeas as the base and lettuce, tomato, roasted baby corn, and vegan mayo as the toppings.

Eating this must feel like going to Fatburger and get a green smoothie. There are no other options than to fully support this! But all viral goodness aside, a real question remains:

Can you eat this with your hands, though?

Hmm. Major question. According to Colette herself,

“You can eat this the regular way and let it be messy, or use a fork and knife. The main thing is to serve something easy to make but nice to look at and impressive at home.”

Well, eating anything with a fork and knife would go against all principles that this site is about, so we recommend the former! Simply put, if you are fearless and don’t care about making a little mess on your mouth, hands, and body then have no fear — this burger is for you. And if you are afraid, then you can’t sit with us.


Can avocado burger buns become a household staple?

Dealing with first impressions, we think that fans of the traditional burger might be in for a shock at first glance. How could anyone eat an avocado-packed burger with low carbs anyway, right? Also, knowing that an avocado sliced in half will never be the same size as a regular burger bun, there are some challenges eating this with your own two hands. But ending up with pieces of avocado all over the place might be a blessing in disguise.

If you ever try your hands at making one, please take your picture for the ‘Gram before you feast on it. This will definitely go from a beautiful burger to a big pile of green goo pretty fast.

Images courtesy of fooddeco Instagram




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