Casa Cavia Front

Casa Cavia, Palermo (Buenos Aires)

Where To Eat December 12, 2016

Argentina is a complex country whose contrasts seem to grow exponentially over time. It’s evident that Buenos Aires has a thousand reflections of this, manifested in many forms across the metropolitan capital.

Sitting in the back of a cab on my way to Casa Cavia, it felt like I was in a first row seat watching these spectacular contrasts unfold in front of me. When I got to the house, it stood there, a bastion in the midst of the present turbulent times of the country, gracefully sustained from the turbulence of its past.

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Chicken Karage Burger

Gochujang Chicken Burger

Recipes December 4, 2016

One of the definite highlights of my last London trip was going to Bone Daddies and eat their insanely good ramen. Unlike Bao London and Franco Manca, which serve food that fits directly into the concept of this very blog, Bone Daddies was left without a mention simply because I couldn’t find any appropriate angle to shed some light on how awesome they are.

Not that they need any. But still.

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Balsamic & Rosemary Wings

Balsamic & Rosemary Wings To Celebrate A New Look

Recipes November 15, 2016

Much of the work I put into this blog is driven by the idea that the conscious and unconscious mind are often at odds. That a significant part of your own self is hidden somewhere there in the back, eventually manifesting itself in all sorts of peculiar and interesting ways through either writing or cooking. As you write, the focus on the words can sometimes be rushed, but no matter the case: Under the words there are another ten thousand words – you only get to see one pop up to the surface.

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