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Brammibals Donuts has been on our radar for a while. Not only because of their quirky name, but because they have bridged a gap that nobody has cared to do in Berlin before: Making vegan donuts a thing.

Here’s the short lowdown, for those who might now know:

Bram and Jessica are the two founders who obviously share a passion for baking and cooking. She started selling selfmade vegan baked goods at hardcore/punk shows at age 16 while he worked for a vegan catering company at a multitude of festivals through the Benelux. They love making vegan donuts (the fried type, of course) with only natural ingredients, using homemade toppings and glazing.

Strangely, for a city that cares a lot about veganism, Brammibals Donuts have been kind of lonely at the top. Luckily, having little competition didn’t result in them resting on their laurels. The initial kickstarter project in 2015 left them without the funding they sought after, but they hustled their way forwards and appeared on food markets like Street Food Thursday and the Breakfast Market at Markthalle 9.

Brammibal's Vegan Donuts
A logo we can appreciate (by Boy Tillekens)

Only a year later, the opening of their own place is a reality, and even though the funding did not pan out as intended, it’s interesting to see what their vision was at the time:

A small, cozy shop that smells like freshly made donuts and coffee. A place to hang out with your friends and family or just come in really quick to pick up a box of donuts to bring to your office. We’re also planning to offer delivery per bike and catering for your birthday party or whatever!

Well, the time has finally come for that vision to manifest itself. We wish them the best of luck, and can’t wait to be feasting on their donuts again.

Visit their Facebook page for more info.



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