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Argentina is a complex country whose contrasts seem to grow exponentially over time. It’s evident that Buenos Aires has a thousand reflections of this, manifested in many forms across the metropolitan capital.

Sitting in the back of a cab on my way to Casa Cavia, it felt like I was in a first row seat watching these spectacular contrasts unfold in front of me. When I got to the house, it stood there, a bastion in the midst of the present turbulent times of the country, gracefully sustained from the turbulence of its past.

Casa Cavia Palermo Buenos Aires

The host at Casa Cavia made sure she mentioned precisely that during the guided tour of the house. Many attempts to change the house and reconstructing it into commercial prospects was put to the test over the years, and getting to know the resistance from its owner made the house something to respect, on top of marvelling at the beautiful decor that took over my initial impressions of the house.


The Space


Casa Cavia is a refined space with so much to offer that you want to come back every week, so not to miss the many activities they hold.

Lupe García is the creative director of Casa Cavia and has gathered an ensemble of contemporary Argentine talent that can be found in the house.

Casa Cavia Palermo Perfumeria

Ana Mosqueda from Ampersand Publishers: Publishing house and bookshop equipped with a library and reading room.
Julián Bedel from Fueguia 1833: Perfumes and fragrances.
Silvana Grosso from Flores Pasión: Flower shop and floral arrangements.
Pablo Massey: In-house chef.

What To Eat In Casa Cavia


Snack menu Casa Cavia
Image taken from Casa Cavia’s home page

The menu is a carefully curated gathering of food items divided into the times of day. The hand food menu has  options such as club sandwiches, salmon bagels, langoustine ciabattas and toasted brioche ham sandwich that you certainly should indulge in, seated by the patio listening to the Buenos Aires buzz going on right outside.

The Patio inside Casa Cavia In Palermo

Casa Cavia is a must for everyone, whether you’re travelling to Buenos Aires or residing there. Grab a copy of their own curated Palermo Chico map and start exploring now. Whether the times are changing, Casa Cavia remains a staple of the porteño mindstate – old and new.

Cavia 2985,
Palermo Chico, Argentina.
+5411 4801 9693

Click here for opening hours. 



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