Cooking Summer Sausage: Tips for Preparing and Enjoying This Delicious Deli Meat

Summer sausage is a versatile and flavorful deli meat that can be enjoyed in many ways. It’s a type of sausage that has a long shelf life, thanks to its traditional curing and drying process. Made from a combination of beef and pork, summer sausage has a distinct taste that is loved by many.

If you’re new to summer sausage or looking for new ways to enjoy it, this article will provide you with useful tips for preparing and cooking summer sausage. 

We’ll also discuss situations where cooking summer sausage is recommended to ensure its quality and safety.


Is It Necessary to Cook Summer Sausage?

The question of whether to cook summer sausage or not is a common one, and the answer is that it’s not necessary

Summer sausage is a cured and dried meat, which means that it can be eaten right out of the package. You can enjoy it cold, sliced and served on a charcuterie board or in a sandwich.

However, if you prefer your summer sausage warm or want to add it to a dish, cooking it is an option. 

You can grill or fry it, slice it and add it to a breakfast scramble or omelet, or even incorporate it into a pasta dish for added flavor.

How Long Do You Cook Summer Sausage?

Grilling summer sausage typically takes around 12-15 minutes at medium to high heat. 

Oven baking or frying are other options for cooking summer sausage, depending on your preference. When baking, preheat the oven to 350°F and cook the sausages for around 10-15 minutes. 

When frying, heat a small amount of oil in a pan and cook the sausages for around 5-7 minutes, turning them over occasionally.

In conclusion, although it’s not necessary to cook summer sausage, it can be enjoyed warm or used in cooking. When cooking, use low or medium heat and turn the sausages frequently to ensure even cooking. 

The cooking time can vary depending on the method used, but generally takes around 10-15 minutes.

Best Ways to Cook Summer Sausage

Summer sausage is a popular type of sausage that’s perfect for grilling, pan-frying, and oven-baking. In this section, we will discuss the best ways to cook summer sausage to bring out its delicious flavor and texture.

Grilling Summer Sausage:

Grilling is one of the best ways to cook summer sausage as it helps to retain its smoky taste. Before grilling, preheat the grill to medium to high heat. Once the grill is hot enough, place the summer sausages on the grill and ensure that they are well-spaced out.

While grilling, ensure that you turn the sausages over regularly to prevent them from burning. You can use tongs or a spatula to flip the sausages gently. Keep in mind that summer sausages need to be cooked for a longer time on a lower heat as they are larger and denser than regular sausages.

To add more flavor to your grilled summer sausage, you can add some wood chips to the grill. Hickory, mesquite, or applewood chips are great options that will complement the smoky flavor of the sausage.

The sausage should have an internal temperature of 160°F (71°C) before it is safe to eat. One way to determine the temperature of the sausage is by using a meat thermometer.

Once the summer sausages are cooked, allow them to rest for a few minutes before serving. Grilled summer sausages taste amazing when paired with grilled cheese or potatoes. So, try grilling your summer sausage the next time you want to enjoy a delicious and smoky meal.

Pan-Frying Summer Sausage: A Quick and Delicious Option

Pan-frying is a great option for cooking summer sausages when you’re short on time. It is a quick and easy method that can be done on the stovetop with just a few simple ingredients.

To pan-fry summer sausages, start by slicing them into even-sized pieces. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and add some oil or butter to prevent the sausages from sticking to the pan. 

Once the oil is heated, add the sliced sausages to the pan and fry them for a few minutes until they are browned on all sides.

To add more flavor to your pan-fried sausages, you can add some sliced vegetables like onions, peppers, or mushrooms to the pan. The sausages’ strong flavor will infuse into the vegetables, making for a delicious and well-rounded meal.

Another great addition to pan-fried summer sausage is potatoes. Sliced or diced potatoes can be added to the pan and cooked alongside the sausages until they are crispy and golden brown.

As with grilling and baking, cook summer sausages thoroughly when pan-frying them. The internal temperature of the sausages should reach 160°F (71°C) to ensure they are safe to eat.

Once the sausages are fully cooked, remove them from the pan and let them rest for a few minutes before serving. Pan-fried summer sausage is a quick and delicious option that is perfect for a weeknight dinner or a weekend brunch.

Oven-baking Summer Sausage

Oven-baking summer sausage is another tasty treat that goes well with vegetables, rice, potatoes, and more. The cooking time and temperature depend on your personal preferences, but it’s best to stay at low to medium temperatures to preserve the fat. 

To prevent the sausages from drying out, use baking sheets and add some oil. This will help to ensure that the sausages stay moist and flavorful.

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In conclusion, summer sausage is a versatile and delicious type of sausage that can be prepared in various ways. 

Whether you prefer grilling, pan-frying, or oven-baking, there are plenty of options to suit your tastes. 

So, try out these cooking methods and enjoy the mouth-watering flavors of summer sausage.

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