Easy Christmas Cookies Recipes

‘Tis definitely the season for getting your bake on. The problem is, where should you even get started for some cookie inspo? A quick Google search will leave you scratching your head amidst all the alternatives. But fear not! Our guide to 10 easy Christmas cookie recipes is a short, but awesomely curated guide so that you can create the greatest arrangement of Christmas cookies ever

Savor and share this holiday season with these recipes and ideas.

10 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes

Sugar Cookies

easy christmas cookie recipes
Images: (1) Flourishing Foodie (2) Always With Butter


It doesn’t get any more sophisticated than these gold and white cookies. If you want your Christmas cookies to look and taste luxurious you should opt for these ones by Flourishing Foodie. These sugar cookies are made with Grand Marnier, candied orange peel with icing sugar glaze and sprinkled with edible gold flakes.

The star sugar cookies is another great one for your sugar cookie lovers out there. After all what’s Christmas without sugar cookies? What makes these cookies from Always With Butter extra special is how gorgeous they look. Decorated with edible flowers these sugar cookies are guaranteed to impress your family.


Snowflake Sugar Cookies & Cranberry Viennese Sandwich Creams

easy christmas cookie recipes
Images: (3) Hint Of Vanilla (4) Lady & Pups

These beautiful snowflake cookies might look super intimidating but Hint Of Vanilla insists they are easy to make. She shares her tips and tricks as to how to pipe the delicate icing.

The cranberry Viennese sandwich creams by Lady and Pups are not your average Christmas cookies. But the again when does Lady and Pups do anything average. Like all her other recipes these cookies are original, well thought out and delicious. These sandwich cookies consist of Viennese whirls with a cranberry butter frosting filling. Yum!


Pasta Frolla Ricca Alle Nocciole & Molasses Cookies

easy christmas cookie recipes
Images: (5) Panedolcealcioccolato (6) Heather Christo


This one had us at Hazelnut. O.M.G. These fun and creative advent calendar cookies by Panedolcealcioccolato are perfect for the kids in your family. They would also be perfect as a gift. Made with short crust pastry with added hazelnut powder they’re easy to make and delicious to eat.

These delicious looking molasses cookies by Heather Christo are for all of you vegan (and non-vegans) out there. This family recipe has all the right spices for a perfect Christmas cookie. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.

Imagine the incredible scent!

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Candy Cane Chocolate Cookies & Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

easy christmas cookie recipes
Images (7) Call Me Cupcake (8) The Tart Tart


We think Call Me Cupcake is super clever for coming up with these cookies. Who doesn’t love chocolate cookies? And the perfect way to make them Christmassy is to add some crushed candy canes. Chewy and crunchy goodness.

These cookies by the Tart Tart are another one for all of your chocolate junkies out there. Chocolate Thumbnail shortbread cookies filled with ganache that is sweetened with honey. Enough said.

Red Velvet Cookies & Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

easy christmas cookie recipes
Images (9) Live Laugh Rowe (10) Hot Beauty Health


Not your traditional Christmas cookie but these gorgeous red velvet cookies by Live Laugh Rowe look hella Christmassy to us. Chewy red velvet cookies iced with cream cheese icing and topped with raspberry jam. These ones would be perfect for breakfast.

How cute are these candy cane kiss cookies? I mean if these don’t scream Christmas we don’t know what does. These Hershey’s Kiss cookie recipe by Hot Beauty Health are normally prepared with milk chocolate kisses but she switched them to Candy Cane kisses to make them more festive. How clever!

We hope you enjoyed our selection of 10 easy Christmas cookie recipes. Let us know what you think below!




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