Zoe Wodarz Illustration

The practice of active listening and applying that listening to later, broader communication is a powerful skill.

Sometimes that’s what we feel illustrators do, simply judging by their art. The things that illustrators manage to highlight through their work is something that goes unnoticed in life, it seems.

This is not the first time we featured great talents in food illustration. We wrote about this some weeks ago here:

Food Illustration: 5 Talents To Know

But as you can appreciate, covering five talents in not nearly enough when there’s so much friggin’ talent out there. It goes without saying that this previous article tickled our fancy enough to continue scouring the web, looking for more talented illustrators whose focus on food illustration exceeds many of the talents out there.

We’ve always been akin to niches, and this little group of illustrators, when grouped with the previous batch, make a pretty cool list. So without further ado, here are 5 more food illustrators to watch closely.

Laurel Greenfield

Laurel Greenfield’s paintings are inspired by food memories that run the gamut of trekking half an hour uphill to the best ice cream in Australia with my best friend to seeking out the best dumplings in Boston.

quoteEating is my favorite activity and food my favorite subject. A meal is made up of fleeting, ephemeral moments that engage your senses and fill your heart and stomach. I make art that aims to preserve those moments and rekindle the sparks and memories that the original meal ignited. 

I paint primarily in acrylic with a few oil paintings here and there.

Laurel Greenfield Illustration
Ice Cream Sandwich, Acrylic on Paper, 2016
Laurel Greenfield Illustration
Chipwich, Acrylic on Paper, 2016
Laurel Greenfield Illustration
Sprinkle Cones, Acrylic on Canvas, 2015

Check out Laurel Greenfield’s work here: http://laurelgreenfield.com/

Zoe Wodarz

Zoe Wodarz is a freelance designer with over 10 years of experience in trend research, graphic design, pattern design and production development for home decor, apparel and gift markets based in Saint Paul, MN. Her work is regularly featured on popular design sites, blogs and publications. Her designs can be found in retail stores worldwide -seasonal gift collections, tableware, storage, kids decor, stationery, home goods, accessories, apparel and more.

The pieces you choose are just about trying out new trend driven techniques and digital painting combinations. They line up with the tropical summer obsession with fast food, tropical fruit and donuts/ice cream patterns we see this year – often with Pop art associations or as fun decor or apparel accessories. 
Soft serve – looks at how photo-real design can be approached in illustrator and the layout is kept simple for an modern apparel styled repeat.
Da Bomb Pop – looks at painting with brushes in photoshop to create a piece for both summer and 4th of July seasonal markets. This piece bends the rules of the traditional seasonal colorways with a deep blue background! 
Donuts Morning – Painting in illustrator a piece i created as i tested some new illustrator brushes for a prospective client store concept. A big hit on national Donut Day! 🙂
Donuts Morning Zoe Wodarz
Donuts Morning
Zoe Wodarz Illustration
Soft Serve
Zoe Wodarz Illustration
Bomb Pop

Zoe, please tell us about your creative process.

I have a studio art background but I am self taught in digital design. I often develop work starting with compiling a new trend concept then develop icon /pattern and then provide possible product applications. I love to play with combinations of techniques to achieve different effects. I also try not to have a signature style but more of a studied approach to appeal to the needs of each client. I love to be expressive and bold in my design choices!

Check out Zoe Wodarz’ work here: http://www.zoewodarz.com/

Liv Wan

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Liv Wan has lived in the UK since 2007 with her husband and her daughter who was born in 2012. She was a professionally trained chef before turning into a freelance illustrator and she also just published her first cookbook “Home Style Taiwanese Cooking” which is available internationally.

Liv’s illustration style is bold, colourful, fun and often with some humour. She likes to work with strong images that will make the audience smile.

Since she turned her career around and started work as an illustrator she has worked with several agencies ranging from small local ones to large international companies. She has also received awards from 3×3 international illustration magazine and Adobe design achievement award.

Liv Wan Illustration

Check out Liv Wan’s work here: http://livwanillustration.com/

Sarah Ferone

Sarah Ferone is a freelance illustrator working from Philadelphia. After working several years in the advertising and non-profit field, she began working with illustration where her love for drawing and design converge.


My work balances a love of handmade and digital processes for a fresh, artful approach. I’m inspired by the stories behind everyday experiences, with a focus on food, exploration and good spirits. And recently I funded my illustrated Cocktail Hour Playing Cards through Kickstarter, now heading into production.

Illustration by Sarah Ferone food illustrators

Sarah Ferone Illustration
Personal Work, 2015

Check out Sarah Ferone’s work here: http://sarahferone.com/

Betsy Beier


Having traveled to almost 30 countries and 40 US states, I’m on a mission to illustrate experiences around the globe and inspire new adventures. Buying spices in the Souk Attarine in Fes, Morocco; attending an authentic Provençal cooking class the South of France; exploring the hip and trendy streets of Harajuku, Tokyo; and soaking up the culture in the Sacred Valley of Peru, these experiences have given me a unique view on travel that I’m eager to illustrate and share with you.

Betsy Beier food illustrators

Check out her breakdown of each place she went to that got illustrated here. For the rest of Betsy Beier’s work, go here: http://www.wanderlustdesigner.com/



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