Chicken Karage Burger

One of the definite highlights of my last London trip wasย going to Bone Daddies and eat their insanely good ramen. Unlike Bao London and Franco Manca, which serve food that fits directly into the concept of this very blog, Bone Daddies was left without a mention simply because I couldn’t find any appropriate angle to shed some light on how awesome they are.

Not that they need any. But still.

Luckily, I got their cook book as a present by my wife, and what a wonderful extension of their concept this book is. Going through the pages of the book takes me back to that amazing night in Soho where we indulged in ramen bowlsย and Asahis until the food coma was imminent.

But I got my angle, though!

My eyes stopped on one specific page. Their chicken Karage recipe. Looking Staring at the image of theirย fried chicken, I thought this would pair perfectly with the Gochujang/Ketchup/Sake sauce I’d played with in my mind for the past days.

But hey! Another thing worth mentioning: I just discovered Bakerei here in Berlin, where they sell some pretty amazing brioche burger buns. They basically provide all the better burger places in Berlin with these buns, so taking them home turned out to be a pretty good idea.

Brioche Buns For Hamburgers
Hello, gorgeous.

If you’re playing with the idea of making these, be prepared for a flavour party in three stages: The initial Gochujang heat will hit first, followed by a super crunchy chicken infused with ginger and sansho pepper taste that will make you go a little crazy. To top it off, it all comes together with that round brioche taste combined with the lightness of cilantro that will make you crave for the next bite. Enjoy!

Chicken Karage Burger A Presentation Of Gochujang Chicken Burger

Serves 2

Gochujang & Ketchup Sauce (makes 160 ml)
3 tablespoons gochujang
3 tablespoons ketchup
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon sake
1 tablespoon sesame oil
2 tablespoons water



Karage Marinade (makes 60 ml)

20 ml sake
20 ml soy sauce
20 ml ginger juice, squeezed from finely grated fresh root ginger

Karage Flour (makes 115 grams)

62.5 grams plain flour
40 grams rice flour
2 teaspoons fine table salt
0.5 teaspoons ground white pepper
0.5 teaspoon sansyo pepper

Fried Chicken Karage

Rapeseed or other flavourless oil, for deep-frying

400 grams boneless chicken thighs, cut into patty sizes

Method: Make gochujang & ketchup sauce by combining all glaze ingredients except water in a pan. Over medium-low heat, mix them well. Add water and bring to a boil, then turn off the heat.

For the chicken:

Mix all the Karage marinade ingredients together in a bowl

Mix all the Karage flour ingredients in a separate bowl

Pour the oil into a deep saucepan (twice as large as the volume of oil used for precaution) and set over a medium-high heat. Add the chicken to the marinade in a bowl and leave to marinate for a few seconds. Then remove, shaking off the excess marinade, and coat throughlly in the flour mixture, dusting off the excess. When the oil reaches 180 celcisus on a thermometer, deep-fry the chicken in batches so as not to overcrowd the pan for about six minutes until cooked through, golden and cripsy. Remove with a slotted spoon, drain thoroughly on kitchen paper.

Gochujang Chicken Karage Burger



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  1. This looks really awesome!! Visually the gochujang sauce just looks like ketchup of course but I am imagining the flavor combinations of the sauce and I will have to try making it. Thanks so much for using gochujang!

  2. Hi Jinjoo! Yes, this might look like ketchup but it packs flavourful punches! Adding gochujang and sake is a quick and easy way to make ketchup interesting!

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