Juke Fried Chicken

Making its way to the top among small things that gives me great pleasures is walking through a blissfully sunny Vancouver. An otherwise rainy AF city to be in, having travelled here in September and October proved to be a better idea than the dreadful January/February trip I had almost two years ago.

Having those insane fried chicken cravings that one usually get on weekend mornings, we decided to check out Juke on a Sunday. The walk through Chinatown reminded me of how many interesting eateries had been opening in the neighbourhood lately, so the stroll through really got my hopes up.

Finally arriving at Juke Fried Chicken, I felt like Mr Bean ready to throw down. 


The Place

Juke Fried Chicken Interior Vancouver
Photo credit: Scott Little

Juke Fried Chicken is run by three veterans from Vancouver’s food scene: Justin Tisdall (Chambar general manager), chef Bryan Satterford (Hawksworth sous chef) and Cord Jarvie (co-founder of Meat & Bread). We could tell that the place were professionally run and attracted clients that were genuinely interested in the food. Much like the places the three partners came from. According to Justin, he had been wanting to open a chicken shop for 3 years while in the process of working at the original Chambar.

Bryan and Justin came up in the industry together for about 15 years, so naturally he was the only chef Justin wanted to work with. At the time Bryan was working with Cord, and Cord noticed what we were working on and he was thinking of doing something similar. They decided to join forces.

Oh, by the way: Interiors. 48 seats in a space designed by Ply Architecture makes it a sexy combination of cinder blocks, concrete and natural wood.

“The choice of Chinatown was one in which we wanted to be in a densely populated area, that had a lot of character. We loved this block.  We loved the people and the restaurants on this block.  We knew we could be a good fit as every restaurant here does something different.” – Justin Tisdall

The Menu

Juke Fried Chicken Menu
Photo credit: Scott Little

The chicken come from Rossdale Farms in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They come served in two pieces of chicken for $6.50, five for $14 and 10 for $26. Prices for takeout are cheaper as well.

Check the rest of the menu here

Apart from the chicken we went for the dirty fries (gravy, cheese sauce, chervil). Oh, and their $5 crispy chicken sandwich as well. Even though the sandwich could pack a little more flavour, everything else were perfect.

Better get your napkins.

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Juke Fried Chicken’s Branding

Juke Fried Chicken Vancouver Branding

The branding is the result of the work by Glasfurd and Walker from Vancouver.

“Glassfurd and Walker always do amazing work.  They took our vision, added their vision, and made great images and branding for us. They have helped with everything from the website, instagram, our Juke Boxes, and wax paper.  They knew what we wanted and made it more than we ever could have expected.” 

The agency have previously done work for other celebrated eateries like Bao Bei, L’Abbatoir and the fact that they have Meat & Bread on their client list is no surprise at this point. The overall aesthetics looks inspired by 1960 poster and flyer art. The way they integrated it to Juke’s boxes and products are pretty damn sleek.3

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