Korean Waffle Pizza

It appears the days of simply combining two beloved items into one has given way to something we can simply describe as a stoner’s dream come true.

Following up on last week’s Sushi Burger article, it is without a doubt that we are living in an era where anybody can monetize on an Internet trend by turning it into a restaurant, but this case is special: It is the very first of its kind.

Enter Seoul Waffle Pizza. The birthplace of the Korean waffle pizza. 

Seoul Waffle Pizza is tucked away on the second floor of a regular mall in Koreatown, Los Angeles. And while its pizza crusts are a slight thicker than a New York-style pizza, they are crispy and light. Pretty interesting and unique.

Korean Waffle Pizza S E O U L Waffle Pizza
A glimpse of the interior of the newly opened S E O U L Waffle Pizza

James Kim, the 22-year-old owner, spent over three months eating pizzas every day in an attempt to perfect the craft. Think about it, making and eating, and making it eating again for a whole three months before the restaurant’s opening. Could be consider pretty awful or a gluttonous dream. Neither did Kim have any culinary experience, except a short-stayed job as a server at a popular Korean joint in Beverly Hills, which purpose was to see their system of serving and handling customers. In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, he couldn’t had a simpler approach to coming up with the concept:

“I was in New York for a year and a half, and I got really into pizza there. I didn’t know it could be so light and crispy like that,” he said. “I also really, really love waffles. And since I’m Korean, fusion waffle pizzas became the idea.”

Out of the many food combinations trying to go viral, this is actually a variant we can’t hate on. We can only think of one prior novelty fusion that had us going crazy, and that might just be the cronut. Not that it was ever anything wrong with waffles and pizza individually, exactly like there’s no shade to be thrown at neither the croissant nor the donut.

But the Korean waffle pizza is just the perfect little fusion, standing at the crossroad of perfect form and function. And let us not forget; Instagram glory.

Korean Waffle Pizza
It goes down on the Gram


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