Leftover Ravioli

I was thinking of calling this post…

Leftover Ravioli: The Pleasure Of Eating It As A Breakfast Snack

or maybe,

Leftover Ravioli: The Small Joys Of Everyday Life.

But in the end I settled with having a title that keeps the debate kind of open. I am still struggling with this issue, as you can tell.

Every time there’s some leftover pasta (which is almost never), I’ve always said that the cold pasta that has been in the fridge overnight is always preferable to the regular pasta that one make. I really do not know why I keep saying this out loud, cause the silence that follows feels pretty lonely.

Luckily I ramble on as I want on this blog and don’t care if anyone listens: Just the simple fact that this little nugget of information is published and is out there is enough for me at this point.


I can’t exactly remember when and how this happened. It has just become another one of those weird eating habits that I can’t seem to shake off. I still eat raw minced meat (love that so much), but I managed to quit eating uncooked ramen straight off the package. My god, what’s wrong with me…


Now, I know they like to fry ravioli in St. Louis. It is like their staple dish over there, which I didn’t even had a clue about until I saw it somewhere I can’t remember. That is, though, something I plan on making and hopefully I will publish it sometime. But back to the leftover ravioli.

I know you’ve been in this scenario before: You get out of bed, you stumble across the living room trying to reach for the fridge. You try to activate your brain so that you know where you are, before opening the fridge door. In there, you see a huge assortment of many healthy and would-be-delicious things, but they need to be prepped and cooked. Not cool.

And there somewhere, in the depths of the fridge horizon you see that tupperware, or that plate wrapped in saran wrap with some leftover ravioli that start talking to you.

The kind of person I am (at least in the morning) doesn’t even have to think about it. You get your hand in there, get the plate, and the only work you do is unwrapping.

Two Plates of Leftover Ravioli

At this point, you’ve done your work. I mean, the ravioli got made yesterday. Ain’t nobody got time to heat anything up. And in your mouth it goes.

The first time I did this, I noticed two things: One, how non-greasy everything was. Very easy to grab and hold without getting too messy. Two, how the taste kind of compresses within the ravioli, making each piece full of yum. So at this point, the “accidents” of eating cold, leftover ravioli because they’re leftovers kind of faded away, only to be replaced by purposefully cold raviolis, made to be stored for the next day.

I have many questions about this that I prefer to leave unanswered. I like to eat cold ravioli as a breakfast snack. Hell, any time of day is good for me. Let’s just be honest about this, and keep it movin’.


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