Lon Men’s Noodle House is that kind of place that often feels like a refuge rather than a place to eat. During cold Berlin winters, it is a literal escape from the minus-degree temperatures when you  face the busy kitchen right in front of you as soon as you set foot through the door. During the warmer months, it is like an enclave of great culinary offerings that feels like the only safe place in the midst of all the less interesting food events that happen to flood the German capital around summer.

The constant line of people you will see at all times will attest to exactly that.

While you wait you have first row seats to the where the magic happens. Looking at the cooks and waiters – who seem to always be too many – carry out their work in such a chaotic but yet secretly effective way is, to say the least, exhilarating.

These baos are not glorious in their looks but they be packing flavors for days. Underrated Berlin bao classic.

Et innlegg delt av Fernando Nikolic (@eatingwithyourhands)

The reason I write about this place is for its little secret. Apart from the ambience that I always geek out about, it has one of the best baos in Berlin. Lon Men’s Noodle House make baos that are essentially different than my other favorite bao spot, Mrs Robinson’s. Lon Men’s baos might have the thinnest buns, and Mrs Robinson’s might steer away from the traditional Taiwanese way of making baos, but they share the top spot with their awesome flavors nonetheless.

If you are like me and have to take a 40-minute trip one way in order to get there, you will understand how good some sacrifices are when seeking great places to eat at. Having a bao while seated at the narrow bar across the open kitchen listening to the kitchen staff get busy in Taiwanese is what food is all about, really: Culture, tradition and tasty explorations.



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