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Meet the jolly folks at Meat & Bread!

This place is definitely the reason I rediscovered my deep love for sandwiched food. Hell, it might be the very reason I started this site.

Back in 2015, I visited Vancouver for the first time. My wife’s originally from there, and we had talked about going for so long that it was just due. That trip ended up being – along with the obligatory Persian family dinners – a true culinary pilgrimage.

Most of the places I visited during my 3-month stay made me ashamed of growing up in Europe, to be honest. The food in Vancouver is at such a high level in terms of EVERYTHING that just the norm beats what’s considered good in Europe. That’s just facts, pound for pound.

So when I went to Meat & Bread on Cambie Street my expectations were the same as if I went to get a sandwich in Barcelona, Oslo or Paris, where I have lived. Basically, regular stuff, because I’ve never gone wow from having a sandwich in those cities (all respect due to Frenchie To Go from Paris, but let’s keep it all the way real, here).


Meat and Bread

The very first thing that hits you when you enter is exactly the signs that tells you whether a place is good or not: The ambience and the smells. So for starters, the place was packed and had a decent line – not too long to discourage you – of people waiting to get served.

Secondly, the whole place smells all kinds of wonderful. A porchetta was fresh off the oven and was talking to me. The girl behind the counter started slicing through the buttery meat, chopping it to bits and pieces that were sprinkled onto the slices of porchetta with homemade salsa verde on ciabatta rolls. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I was definitely in sandwich-heaven.

Meat & Bread Vancouver Interior
Just look at how gorgeous it is inside.

A large communal table and a few two-person tables near the window makes the place cosy and warm.  Multiple light fixtures adorn the high-ceiling.


The menu at Meat & Bread is simple: you get your pick of grilled cheese, meatball, lamb or pork – all slow roasted to perfection. Goes without saying that I went for the Porchetta, a crunchy pork belly sandwich perfectly complemented with a salsa verde that helps tie it all together to one amazing flavor experience. Here’s a little video on how they prep the sandwiches. It was basically this that hit me when I entered through the door:

At Meat & Bread  you can expect rustic sandwiches made from hot meats cooked on site and served with homemade sauces. For vegetarians, there’s always grilled cheese or a meatless special. To find out their daily specials, check their Twitter feed or their website.

Meat & Bread Vancouver Sandwiches
Chicken Thigh, Rosemary Gravy, Kale Slaw, Crispy Skin Gremolata, Ranch

Meat & Bread Vancouver

meat & bread interior
Until next time, guys.

All images taken from Meat & Bread’s official Instagram account



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