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Mrs Robinson’s opened in November of 2016 as if it was specifically designed to snuggle up in there during the harsh Berlin winter. Well, if I ever needed to hibernate somewhere during the colder periods of the year, a place that serves the best baos I’ve had in a long time doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Here’s why:

Having visited Bao London previously, the standard for baos was set pretty high in my mind. And I still feel that newfound bao crush I developed when the gua bao got introduced to the world by David Chang and Eddie Huang some years ago.

Since that love hasn’t faded away at all I felt pretty excited when I saw Mrs Robinson’s on my Instagram timeline (the best way to discover places, yeah I said it). Since I live nearby, a casual, moderate-expectations visit was due. And so we went.

The Place


A glimpse into the kitchen where the magic happens at @mrsrobinsonsberlin.

Et bilde publisert av Fernando Nikolic (@eatingwithyourhands)

The interior of Mrs Robinson’s is the minimalist approach to “intelectually cozy” – Let me just coin that phrase if it is indeed as genius as it sounds like in my head.

Besides the point of Mrs Robinson’s being newly opened, everything about the place feels fresh. The staff actually greeted us with a collective smile as we passed through the door and the waitress was warm and fun to be around. As we were taking in the vibe of the place, we were also pretty happy to see our surrounding tables being occupied, sensing that the rest of the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood were hungry for baos as much as we were.

Mrs Robinson’s Menu

As usual, the before-mentioned things means nothing unless the food is great. Boy, how great it is indeed. First, some nori snacks with a dip made of seaweed and homemade kewpie mayo. Add a couple of beers to the mix and you’re off to a great Mrs Robinson’s experience.

Mrs Robinson Berlin Menu Bao




Mrs Robinsons Berlin Fried Chicken BaoThe carpaccio is a serious God-send with that extra kick of heat and citrusy ending. Make sure you get that no matter what mood you’re into. It will open your palette just the right way. Before the baos came to our plate, we were already screaming in excitement.

Straight off the bat – they’re all insanely good. But there’s one I wanna focus on. The fried crab bao. First of all, great idea. Secondly, oh my god. An insane taste experience that left me thinking. The flavours are combined in a way that reminds me of how Andre 3000 raps: Straight up storytelling. Get that when you go there.

And grab a piece of that fried chicken bao as well.

2017 update: The menu at Mrs. Robinson’s have changed a bit since this piece was written, and some of the mentioned menu items are no longer available.

Pappelallee 29,
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

+49 (0) 30 5462 2839



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