I just can’t get enough of mobile eateries getting their first physical location. The allure of the hustle that eventually lands you your own place is so romantic and giving that I never get tired of documenting it.

Another thing – there’s no place like Vancouver in the summer. That’s why the thought of Vancouver having its very first 0% dairy ice cream place is so exciting. (Not only Vancouver’s first, but Canada’s first.)

Located a block away from the Yaletown Canada Line station, Nice Vice is a plant-based micro creamery. Their ice cream is organic, and dairy, soy, GMO, and cholesterol-free. Their ingredients include fresh fruit, natural colours and flavours, and locally supported plant-based products.

Nice Vice Vancouver Interior

Nice Vice Vancouver Shop

Nice Vice Vancouver
Interior looking pretty decent

The interior of the shop has high ceilings, and it’s very bright and inviting. The shop’s walls are adorned with their signature colors. That’s yellow and pink, but you knew that already. The scoop shop is intended to be a grab-and-go spot, but they have set up a couple of stools and benches for the customers who wouldn’t mind to sit in.

While the Nice Vice Vancouver scoop shop is new to Yaletown, their ice cream have been available in Vancouver since 2015. Last year, owner Chris White sold vice cream from Nice Vice’s adorable mini van, at various farmers’ markets.

Nice Vice Ice Cream Van
That’s the van right there.

The serve their ice cream in either a compostable straw cup or a vegan cone. The ideal portions is a scoop or two for those who want a tasty and refreshing treat, as well as those who are after a healthy option to conventional dairy-based ice cream.

Classic flavours include:

Chocoholics Anonymous
Strawberry Fiends Forever
Tripped Out Tropical
Blueberry, Banana Fudge, Salted Chocolate, Vanilla Vice, Vanilla Lavender

Nice Vice Vancouver


Nice Vice Vancouver Ice Cream

Nice Vice Vancouver Ice Cream
Dreamy and playful display of delish ice cream.

While the spot is great, and the ice cream is without a doubt amazing – let’s talk a little about the factor that in most cases grabs people’s attention: The branding. You probably have been amazed at the branding and the colorways that Nice Vice has. And while in most cases it’s the first thing you’d notice, usually is the last thing that’s discussed. Vancouver-based Studio Bup worked with Nice Vice to create their branding, packaging and truck, even.

As mentioned above, there’s nothing like a Vancouver summer. Even better is a guilt-free ice cream that will keep your sugar tooth satisfied. Nice Vice is here to give you both things.

Website: http://www.nicevicecream.com/

Telephone: 778.379.6423

Address: 1022 Mainland St, Vancouver



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