By no means is this a post hating on Berlin. But we need to have a serious talk about the burger scene in this city.

I was thinking about this before starting to write this piece, and I just came to the conclusion that the burger scene in Berlin – as high as it is revered among burger fans in the city – has some serious issues.

Why? There’s almost no brioche buns to be found anywhere.

Pacifico Berlin Logo
Say hello to Pacifico Buns & Burgers and their gorgeous logo

Berlin is a city that’s currently going through a culinary renaissance. This is a city with so many burger fusions to offer. Events like Burgers & Hip Hop and Bite Club is the German capital’s go-to event where you can explore and discover new favorites within this realm of food.

Then why is it so hard to find burger joints that serves hamburgers on brioche bread? At this very moment in time, I think brioche bread should at least be an alternative upgrade, if not the default.

That’s why it’s so damn gratifying to know that at least somebody got it right.

The Story

Pacifico Berlin Exterior-min
How it looked like during the pre-launch

Pacifico came a little late to the party when you think about the timing of opening an Asian burger fusion place in the city. But it quickly rose to prominence with its vast variety of burgers, bao tacos and Korean rice bowls.


The owners were familiar to each other through their own roles in Berlin’s culinary scene. The founding trio of Bruno Bruni, Oliver Roth (Parker Bowles) and Quirin Schwanck (Parker BowlesPrince Charles/Burgers & Hip Hop) had enough combined  experience accumulated to the point were they could open up a spot where their personal preferences could play a major part.

Pacifico Berlin Exterior Terrace-min
Pacifico boasts a serious terrace

Which takes us to Pacifico’s concept: A mix of the owner’s Korean heritage and some time spent in Mexico and California, connecting the Pacific American Asian kitchen to an international, laid back crowd in Europe’s most international capitals. I guess the name of the place makes sense.

Why Pacifico Has The Best Burgers In Berlin

So, post-brioche rant, let’s discuss the deets. It’s a given that the bread plays an important part in a burger, but it’s all about the insides.

But this is Asian-American Pacific food. I seriously feel that I shouldn’t even bother explaining. You either get it or you don’t. Still don’t get it? What I just mentioned, on burgers and baos. That’s really it. It doesn’t get better than that in terms of standard and quality.

Pacifico Burger Menu-min

Pacifico Bun Berlin-min

So please find your way over to Pacifico Kreuzberg right next to the main entrance of the Aufbauhaus, and get with the program. You’ll experience a minimal and functional place with petite tables and bar stools that focus on the food.

At least the burger scene in Berlin is heading somewhere good.


Prinzenstraße 84.1, 10969 Berlin, Germany


12:00 pm – 12:00 am (Mon-Sat)


All photos taken from Pacifico Buns & Burgers’ official Facebook page



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