pebete sandwich

Pebete is the simplest sandwich that will get you in the most complicated trouble. I remember as a little kid in Argentina running around with pieces of Pebete clutched to my hand. It was one of those things that were always around.

The sandwich is so easy to make and is such a big part of the Argentine food culture, that everyone has some sort of relationship with it. Parents remember making them, kids remember having them around. I’m pretty sure you can ask anybody how grew up in Argentina about the Pebete, and they’ll get sudden flashbacks to their childhood.

pebete sandwich


1. The Pebete is a super soft oval bun made a of wheat flour.

2. The sandwich is filled with cheese, cured meat, mayo and tomato.

3. It’s crazy addictive. 

The term “pebete” in the Buenos Aires lunfardo slang means “young boy”. This term itself stems from the Catalan pevet which also means “young boy”. So the relationship between this particular sandwich and childhood is pretty interesting.

Pebete Sandwich Argentina

I guess it’s the insanely spongy bun that subconsciously comforted me as a kid. Like wrapping yourself in a soft, cozy blanket. You feel secure with a Pebete in your hand, and you walk more confidently around the house taking the occasional bite.

Because if you break it down, this sandwich is so insanely easy to make. Kind of like the Chivito sandwich, the ingredients are staples that you’ll almost always have available.

pebete sandwichPebete Sandwich Ingredients

1. The Bun


2. Cheese


3. Cured Meat

sliced meat

4. Tomato


5. Mayonnaise


As you can see from the ingredients above, the fillings are things you keep around. What makes this sandwich is its bun. If you live in a place where you can’t get the buns already made, here is a quick recipe for pebete buns:

Ingredients for the bun

500g flour
10g instant yeast
10g salt
30g sugar
300cc water
50g butter

How To Make a Pebete Sandwich

Start by adding the flour and baking powder in to a bowl and mix. Add salt and sugar and make a hole in the middle with your hands. Add some water and continue mixing. Put the butter, pour the mixture into the table and mix it all together. Let the dough rest for 20 minutes.

Once rested, cut the dough into the desired shape, put it on the tray and let rise about 30 minutes. Cook in oven at 180 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the oven.

Pebete sandwich



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