Reza Loghmeh Valiasr Street Tehran

Rituals. What would eating food be without them.

Every time I go to Iran there are a couple of things I do on my first day. One of them is without a doubt eating at Reza Loghmeh. This petite sandwich shop serves only one main item known as Loghme, which is fried minced meat, onion and parsley wrapped in thin Lavash flatbread. So simple and devilishly delicious.

If you were to walk along Valiasr Street, one of Tehran’s main streets, you would never be able to imagine the sandwiched treasures that’s inside. At first glance, it’s looks like any other sandwich shop in a city where sandwich shops are seriously everywhere.

But that’s exactly the reason why you need this insider scoop. You need to get schooled on this place.

I think there’s something super egotistical about having the low-down on a secret food joint and keeping it all to yourself. I kinda hate people who go by that. Iranians though, are quick to let their friends know if a place turns out to serve fire, but they will equally shut a place down (literally, out of business) if something is foul. Word travels way fast in the city of Tehran. Trust.


So here’s me giving you the 411 on Reza Loghmeh. Go there. If you’ve never visited Tehran, you seriously need to get your ass down there. Because if you already been there, I know how hard you want to come back. Tehran is the city that always eats.

That’s pretty much it, to be honest. When the day comes and you TDT (touch down Tehran), you know where to go first.



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