Servings 3-4 people

There’s nothing more that I like than playing around with classics. By putting together two of my favorite things – pretzels and sliders – I came up with the perfect little something to make – Shiitake Beef Pretzel Sliders. This time around, I made the beef patty a little jazzier by incorporating Shiitake mushrooms to the beef, adding moisture and flavor to the mix. Trust us when I say it’s delicious.


12 oz./340 grams lean ground beef
1 cup finely chopped portobello mushroom caps, (about 2), gills removed
3 tablespoons plain dry breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme, or 1/2 teaspoon dried
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper


Little less than 2 cups of bread flour, plus more for dusting
3/4 cup of warm water
A little over 1/2 teaspoon of active dry yeast
1 teaspoons of sea salt
1 tablespoons of unsalted butter, softened
1 quarts of water (for boiling)
90 grams of baking powder
1/2 egg, beaten
Coarse salt or pretzel salt


Dijon mustard
Gouda cheese, sliced

Shiitake Beef Pretzel Sliders Ingredients

 Shiitake Beef Pretzel Sliders Meat Patty


To make this recipe I thought of ways to put an interesting touch to it, and I found a lot of inspiration when I discovered pretzel slider buns on the web. Get a mixing bowl and start working on the yeast, warm water, butter, and salt altogether. You can use a stand mixer if you have one, of course. Stir until combined – then add the flour. Start out slowly until the major parts of the flour gets absorbed before turning it up to medium speed. Continue for two more minutes until the dough is evenly moistened. Turn your mixer to the highest point and knead until the dough is smooth and elastic. This should take you 8 more minutes, and you should be able to feel the texture on the dough hook of the your mixer.

Get your dough over to a lightly floured surface and make a ball-shaped form out of it. Let it rest for about ten minutes. Proceed to cut the dough into 8 pieces, rolling each into a small ball. Put the buns on a baking sheet with parchment paper and let it rest further for about an hour in room temperature, uncovered. Now at this point, some might say that putting it in a fridge for two additional hours or even overnight is a better idea, and they might be onto something – but who has seriously the time for that? I’m hungry now!

With the oven preheated to 425 F/ 220 C degrees and the rack in the middle position, ish is about to get real. But first – boil 1 quart of water and add the baking flour once it is boiling. Boil the buns for 30 seconds on each side in batches of 4. The buns will float to the top so it will be easy to turn them around. Remove and place back on the baking sheet with parchment paper. Go and give each bun a brush of the egg wash on the top and follow by sprinkle a little bit of salt on top.

Get a sharp knife and make a cross on the buns. Bake them for 17 minutes and prepare for self-torture when the scent starts invading the kitchen. Now, let the buns cool entirely. Start thinking about making the beef patty before even touching the buns.

Pretzel Sliders On The Rack


If you have come this far, then

1. I like you

2. The worst part is over.

You will have so much more fun making the patty because it’s less nerve-wracking than the pretzels. Just mix the beef, mushrooms, Worchester sauce, breadcrumbs, thyme, salt and pepper in a bowl gently until even. Shape into 8 patties and place on the pan. Position rack in the upper third of your oven, and line a broiler pan with foil. Broil until cooked through, about 8 minutes on each side. For the last two minutes, take them out to put on a nice slice of Gouda cheese before putting them back in.

Shiitake Beef Pretzel Sliders Beef Pattys Out Of The Oven

Here is how the Shiitake Beef Pretzel Sliders should look like. The taste? You tell me.

Shiitake Beef Pretzel Sliders
Shiitake Beef Pretzel Sliders
by Eating With Your Hands
An easy recipe for making sliders that will guaranteed become the life of the party.

Prep Time:30 minutes

Cook Time:60 minutes






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