Standard Berlin Pizzeria

If you are obsessed with finding the perfect Neapolitan style pizza, know that the talented people behind Standard are equally obsessed with making it. With all main ingredients sourced from Naples, this place takes no shortcuts – and deserves a place amongst the best pizza places in Berlin.

Standard Pizza
Seriously stunning display of a mean pizza

Sadly, the German capital has no real tradition nor culture when it comes to pizzas, even though you’ll find plenty of places pounding their chests claiming to serve the best in town. The reason why these types of establishments dominate the city landscape is often the result of a higher tourist influx over the years. Another factor is a growing number of neighbourhoods becoming the hub of many new workplaces which demand a quick business lunch solution.

In every city where this depressing evolution of speculative restaurant openings happens, you’ll always find a group of young people wanting to break that pattern. Much to (older) peoples dismay, since all they can talk about is how Berlin was so much cooler before, because the term gluten-free didn’t exist in their vocabulary, places like Standard helps Berlin move in the right direction.

Logo of Standard Pizza
Standard’s official logo is a real looker

That’s why when Standard opened its door near Senefelderplatz late in 2014, people were sceptical of the fact that they titled themselves with serving “serious pizza”. I can understand why people may react a little standoffish to yet another pizza place claiming to make “real Neapolitan pizza”, but it all comes down to the quality of the food, not the marketing.

Mean pizza from Standard Berlin
Got you stuck off the realness…

Let’s break it down: A dough containing a low amount of yeast getting baked in 60 seconds at 500 degrees celsius. A select flour, imported tomatoes, artisanal Fior di latte – these are the simple things that makes Standard’s pizzas special. You can find eight pizzas on their menu, including the “Siciliana” with anchovies, capers, black olives and the “Taste of Brandenburg” with thinly sliced potatoes, rosemary and stunning wild pig sausage.

Standard Pizza Berlin Salsiccia
That sausage, tho

Berlin is going through change. For the better. With places like Standard, anybody in search for that real pizza experience will definitely get that there. This place is at the helm of Berlin’s current food revival, and must seriously mess it up in the future to ever fall off.


Phone: +49 30 48625614

Hours: 6:00 PM – 12:00 PM (Mondays closed)

All photos taken from Standard’s official Facebook page


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