Sushi Burger

Just when you thought you’d seen your very last Asian/anything fusion on Instagram, here comes the Internet with the Sushi burger.

In the past years, we’ve seen a foray of chains and restaurant offering various spins on the beloved burger, all super indulgent and worthy for the Gram. Notable hits and misses are the mac & cheese burger or the plain weird ramen burger.

Now, the internets are going nuts over the sushi burger.

the sushi burger

It’s been so many years since sushi got revamped from a luxurious dinner to something you get at a casual business lunch. It seems, though, that we have gotten to the point where we can’t get enough of it. People are now finding new ways to consume the Japanese treat – need we mention the sushirrito, the sushi burrito – and now we have burger hybrids. Sigh. 

But of course, like anything that becomes viral, it’s been done to death somewhere else for many years. Get familiar with Mos Burger, which served sushi burgers in Japan since, ahem, 1987.

Or in New York, where for almost two years now, Yonekichi has been serving rice burgers in many variations like salmon, eel, chicken and tempura kale over-the-counter style over in the East Village, which by the way is the home of the Asian beast of a hand food, the Bao.

Though not entirely sushi-like, Sunrise Mart, the Stuyvesant Street Japanese grocery store with additional locations in SoHo and midtown also serves rice buns with burgers or salmon in between.

But let’s not throw shade all over this post,t hough. Shout out to the people hyping this trend up at this very moment. It’s definitely a super fun thing, and we bet that the hashtag #sushiburger will generate lots of happy laughs as the trend picks up and more crazy combinations appears on its timeline.



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