This has to be the most minimal recipe on Eating With Your Hands yet. If I ever want to break this record of max 3 ingredients I will be forced to go all raw on you. Which will never fucking happen.

These little sushi balls are for the most part made in Japan on March 3rd, which is Girls’ Day, and just the thought of little Japanese girls eating Temari is indeed the girliest thing on earth. But apart from all the cuteness that is involved here, making Temari is very easy.

Want to invite your friends to a sushi party, but struggle when the time comes to roll the sushi? Then this recipe is for you! Temari sushi is a colorful, rarely seen kind of sushi that will bright your day. Follow the method below and have fun!



Serves 2 (14-15 temari sushi)


Sushi Rice
Your choice of Sashimi
Soy Sauce


The only thing you actually have to make is the sushi rice. There are many options for the toppings, so you are not forced to use raw fish for Temari sushi, but I would still recommend to use sushi rice, since plain rice with food on top will surely taste pretty bland and boring. Follow the instructions from Make My Sushi to get the result needed.

As explained before in the ingredients list, you can choose between so many things to put on top. I bought in sushi grade salmon and red snapper to have contrasting colors, but there is so much you can choose from.
You can actually use boiled shrimp or crab, smoked salmon or even grilled meat if you are not that into raw fish. Anything that’s cooked will work.



If you rather prefer a vegan or vegetarian option, you can also use Temari Sushi with your veggies of choice. Grill them, or roast them so they are tender, or proceed with fresh vegetables as well.
Whatever it is that you end up choosing, though, put that on a plastic wrap, followed by a little bit of sushi rice over.
Twist the plastic wrap and close on the top, making a ball. That’s all there is to it!

The important thing, if you want it to look pretty, is to make it small and let the food cover most of the rice. Use enough rice so that when you stand over it, you won’t see it from the top. If you are detail-freaks like us, try also to make each ball the same size. With that, you can easier play with the arrangement of the Temari Sushi and get creative. Make sure to have a little soy sauce on the side, to add some extra flavor to it.



Tips to Make Your Temari Sushi Even More Beautiful (by Just One Cook Book)

• Use contrasting colors like red (tuna) and green (avocado).
• Use ingredients with texture, like octopus sashimi and kinshi tamago (shredded egg crepes).
• Use translucent ingredients such as super thinly sliced cucumber and tai (sea bream). If you put ingredients underneath these materials, you can still see through.
• Garnish temari sushi with ikura (salmon roe), flower-shape cutout carrot, nori (seaweed) strips, super thinly sliced lemon, chives, kaiware daikon (radish sprout), or microgreens.

So easy, right? Your hands are not sticky with rice, and your sushi does not have uneven shapes. That’s all the green light you need to start eating with your hands.

Temari Sushi Balls Recipe
Temari Sushi Balls Recipe

Prep Time:20 minutes

Cook Time:20 minutes

Yield:2 Persons (14 pieces)



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