Tortilla Towel

Your dreams of becoming a tortilla has come true. 

Have you ever wondered why you must resort to just eating tortillas and getting frustrated over the fact that it is physically impossible to just be one?

Touted as an “indoor or outdoor towel, created in the likeness of a flour tortilla,” the five-foot round towel is pretty much the only thing you need for that.

The Tortilla Towel is printed with “two unique photo-realistic sides” so people will obviously think you’re laying in/on a REAL tortilla.

Just like actual tortillas, the Tortilla Towel is endlessly versatile. You can be…

A taco!


Or a quesadilla!


Or a burrito!


Doesn’t being a burrito look cozy?

The website is currently sold out of the towels, but they have a new batch available for pre-order coming out of the oven.

These are the only beach body goals we care about.




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