tramezzino sandwich

tramezzino sandiwch

The Tramezzino sandwich was something I discovered by mere chance. 

Writing about one of my favorite food items during my teens, the sandwich de miga, I decided to dabble a lil’ bit into the history of the sandwich. Knowing that everything that can be found in Argentina originated somewhere else (except for conceitedness – Argentinians totally invented that), I was not surprised seeing that the sandwich de miga went back to the country where more than 60% of Argentinians originate from:


Why Italy, of course!

Whether you want to call it tramezzino or tramezzini is whether or not you want to eat one of these babies or eat seven. I promise you that the former is harder than the latter.

tramezzino sandwich



This is one of the most popular sandwiches in Italy and Austria. It is one of the top dishes to have while in Venice. It is made from two different slices of white bread whose crusts have been removed. Inside the sandwich, it is stuffed with different fillings. Depending on the variety, it can have either olive fillings, tuna, shrimp or prosciutto. This sandwich is cheap and it is popular in Italian restaurants and bars.

The first tramezzino sandwich was made in Turin in a café by the name Caffè Mulassano di Piazza Castello. This was in 1925. The idea behind this sandwich was to have an alternative when buying a sandwich. The only other available sandwich was the English tea sandwich. The tramezzino sandwich became very popular in Venice. Tourists love it since it was a good combination when taking it with a drink or fast food. In Venice, tramezzino is eaten in the mid-morning as a light appetizer, during lunch or a snack in the afternoon.

Apart from cafés, tramezzino are also sold in a pre-packed form in grocery stores. However, the tramezzino sandwiches in cafés are the most popular.

Over time, the trammezzino sandwich has evolved to have 40 different varieties.

Gabriele D’Annunzio is the person who came up with the word tramezzino. This is an Italian term and it was meant to replace the English term sandwich. It was easy for Italians to pronounce this compared to that. The term means roughly ‘in-between’.




Serves 4

To prepare the tramezzino, you first need following ingredients;


  1. White sandwich bread – 12 slices
  2. Canned tuna in olive oil. 5 0z. Flaked and drained.
  3. ¾ cup of mayonnaise.
  4. 6 asparagus spears. (Branched and cut them into half)
  5. 2 teaspoons of capers. (Rinsed)
  6. 1 cup baby arugula leaves
  7. 2 hardboiled eggs (boiled)
  8. 1⁄3cup black olives (halved)
  9. Kosher salt
  10. I medium potato (cored & sliced)
  11. 2 oz. parmesan (thinly shaved)
  12. 6 oz. bresaola (thinly sliced)


  • First of all remove all the crusts from the bread. Once you do this, spread the mayonnaise on each slice. The mayonnaise is meant to make the sandwich chilled and tasty. Season the slices with pepper and salt.
  • On two slices lay out the olives, tuna and capers.
  • Lay out the eggs, tomato and asparagus on the next two slices.
  • On the other two slices, lay out arugula, parmesan and bresaola.
  • Top each of the slices with a slice on top.
  • Finally cut the sandwiches into half.

Place the tramezzino sandwich in a refrigerator for 25 to 30 minutes before eating.




There are several variations of the tramezzino. This depends largely on the fillings put in place. Some of the most popular variations include:

tuna can

The tuna spread rolled tramezzino sandwich. In this variation, it is layered with flaked tuna.


The vegetarian egg rolled tramezzino which is layered with egg and tomato.


Shrimp tramezzino sandwich. You need to get 10 to 12 shrimps and boil them. Once you boil, you place the shrimps on the slices.


Grilled salumi tramezzino is another variation whose filling consists of sliced salumi.


Some bars and restaurants prefer to blend the ingredients together. For example tuna, mayonnaise, anchovy paste and capers to make a cream. Once they have a pasty cream, they spread on the slices.


Tramezzino Sandwich – Nutritional Facts


These nutritional facts are based per serving.

The average vegetarian tramezzino sandwich has 192 calories. 32 percent of the calories are fat, 44 percent are carbohydrates and 24 percent are protein. It has 6.8 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates and 11.6 grams of protein.

For tramezzino that has tuna or shrimp fillings, the calories are more.


Protein 17 grams

Fat 10 grams

Calories 296 grams

Sodium 645 mg

Potassium 225 mg

Saturated fat 4 grams

Total carbohydrates 34 grams

Total fat 10 grams



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