Oh, Vancouver. Why are you so damn perfect?

After discovering Cartems and Nice Vice, our eyes has been constantly on Vancouver and how their amazing food scene is constantly evolving. Maybe evolving is the wrong word to use, because it gives the impression that the city is still developing. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Vancouver’s food scene is in no need to improve anything.

It is perfect.

But the point is, we kept our eyes and ears (and tastebuds) on the Vancouver dessert places that could rock someones sweet tooth right off. And yeah, it didn’t take long before we had gathered these six Vancouver dessert places that just….just… makes sweet dreams come true.

Check them out.

Vancouver Dessert Places


Mister Ice Cream Vancouver

Image credits: @madebymister 

If we could fall in love with an ice-cream place it would be Mister. The branding, the flavours, the variety. What’s not to love? These guys are geniuses. 

Mister, a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop is committed to delivering unique flavours and using fresh and natural ingredients for premium quality. 

Flavor recommendation: The creme brûlée 

They use real egg yolks and vanilla beans! 

Soft Peaks

Soft Peaks Vancouver

Image credits: @softpeaksicecream

Ok lets talk soft serve. We all know its been trending all summer. when it comes to soft serve ice cream shops Vancouver doesn’t disappoint but if we had to choose just one place it would be Soft Peaks. 

It’s the only soft serve place in Vancouver that uses organic milk to churn their soft creamy ice creams. And man are they delicious. 

Flavour recommendation: Marble Chocolate Swirl – It tastes and looks majestic. 

Beta5 Chocolates

Beta5 Ice Cream Vancouver

Image credits: @viva_leez @linglingz @visabrina @ahahouse_ @eatliketheking

If you asked where you could find the most instagrammable desserts on earth we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend award winning chocolate and pastry shop beta5. 

Not only they make the best looking pastries we have ever seen. Beta5 also sets themselves apart from other pastry and chocolate companies when it comes to innovation and producing unique flavour combinations. 

Flavor recommendation: All the cream puffs. Especially the (wait for it) mango bubble tea.

Cartems Donuterie

Cartems Donuterie Vancouver

Image credits: @lunedefraises @cartemsdonuts @jessicasam @erincg

Cartem donuterie sure holds a special spot in our hearts so we just had to include it on our list. Cartems is not just a cool trendy donut shop. They have been consistently delivering on quality and flavour since they opened. 

Apart from their usual yeast and cake donuts they also offer vegan and gluten free options in all the same flavours. Because Cartem’s main aim is to make you smile. 

Flavour recommendations: The earl grey just hits the spot. 

Lucky’s Dough Nuts

Luckys Vancouver

Image credits: @luckysdoughnuts 

Lucky’s doughnuts is a project from the amazing 49th parallel coffee roasters. If you want amazing artisan coffee and delicious gourmet doughnuts look no further. Lucky’s doughnuts come in a large variety of flavours. doughnuts are serious business here! 

Flavor recommendation: Blackberry Cheesecake

Hugo’s Churros

Hugo's Churros Vancouver

Image credits: @hugoschurros @hannalyzza

Hugo’s Churros not only makes up for Vancouver’s lack of churros in Vancouver but also takes its own twist on churros. 

Creative owner Daniel Garcia has come up with the ever so magical churros ice cream sandwich. It’s a truly a thing of its own. Differently flavours of ice cream sandwiches between carefully round shaped churro buns. Need we say more?

Flavor recommendation: The vanilla ice cream churro sandwich!




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