Does Grimace Shake Have Red 40?

We embarked on a quest to uncover the truth by exploring various sources and conducting our own investigation into the ingredients of Grimace Shake.

While our investigation provided valuable insights, we must note that determining the exact ingredients of commercially available products can sometimes be challenging due to proprietary information and variations across regions and time.

Therefore, to ensure accurate information, we took matters into our own hands and decided to learn the recipe, gather the ingredients, and make Grimace Shake at home.

You can reference the ingredients and steps for making a Grimace Shake at home in the videos below:

@santacruzmedicinals Did that Grimace shake have red 40???? #grimaceshake #red40 #santacruzmedicinals ♬ original sound – Santa Cruz Medicinals
@alexawhatsfordinner I was wondering if anything strange would happen to me if I made the Grimace Shake at home…? 🫣 recipe below 💜 Ingredients: -1 cup fresh raspberries or ¼ cup raspberry jam -1 tsp honey (omit if using jam) -1 cup vanilla ice cream -1 cup milk of choice -½ cup frozen blueberries -½ cup frozen strawberries -1 tsp blue spirulina powder -Whipped cream, for topping -Rainbow sprinkles, for topping Directions: -If using fresh raspberries, mash them into a paste and mix in the honey. -Add the vanilla ice cream, milk, frozen blueberries, mashed raspberries, frozen strawberries, and spirulina to a blender and blend until smooth. -Pour the shake into serving glasses and top with whipped cream and sprinkles. Enjoy! #grimace #grimaceshake #grimacesbirthday #grimacebirthdayshake #homemade #grimacebirthdaymeal #easyrecipe #simplerecipe #copycatrecipe #yum #foodie #foodvideo ♬ What You Need (Instrumental) – KAYTRANADA

The Verdict: Does the Grimace Shake Have Red 40?

After our thorough investigation, including the examination of various sources and firsthand exploration, we found no conclusive evidence to suggest that Grimace Shake contains Red 40.

*It’s important to note that commercially available products may vary in their formulations and regional adaptations, so it’s always advisable to consult the specific ingredient list or reach out to McDonald’s directly for detailed information regarding the presence of Red 40 or other food colorings in their milkshakes.

If you have concerns about food colorings or allergies, let’s prepare Grimace Shake at home using your own ingredients.

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