The 12 Types of Tacos You Need to Try!

The 12 Types of Authentic Mexican Tacos

1. Tacos De Suadero:

This is one of my best favorite types of tacos. Suadero Tacos is almost always made from beef.

Suadero’s rich with beef flavor and usually a little bit greasy from the meat fat. By the time it’s ready to eat, Suadero is as soft as room temperature butter.

2. Tacos al pastor/tacos de adobada:

3. Tacos de cochinita pibil:

4. Tacos de pescado:

5. Tacos de canasta/al vapor/sudados:

6. Tinga tacos:

7. Tacos de chapulín:

8. Tacos de carnitas

9. Tacos de carne asada:

10. Tacos de cabeza

11. Tacos de birria

12. Tacos de barbacoa:

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