Tips for Enjoying Delicious Blood Sausage: From Cooking to Serving

If you’re a food lover and always in search of new flavors and culinary experiences, then you must try blood sausage. This unique and tasty dish is not only affordable but also rich in protein and traditionally served in many cuisines. 

Blood sausage is a type of sausage made from cooked pork blood and a variety of spices and fillers, such as rice or bread crumbs. 

Here’s a guide on how to eat blood sausage and the best ways to enjoy this delicacy.


The Best Way to Eat Blood Sausage

Slicing and Frying Blood Sausage

One of the most popular ways to enjoy blood sausage is to slice it and fry it until crispy. To do this, simply cut the sausage into rounds or strips and cook it in a pan with a bit of oil until it’s browned and crispy on the outside. 

Fried blood sausage can be served with potatoes and vegetables in a hash, or simply with bread or crackers as part of a charcuterie platter. 

It’s also a great addition to a full English or Irish breakfast, served with eggs, bacon, beans, and vegetables.

Adding Blood Sausage to Soups and Stews

Blood sausage is also an excellent ingredient in soups, stews, and broths, where it adds a hearty flavor. To use blood sausage in this way, simply crumble or slice it and add it to your favorite soup or stew recipe. 

Best Ways to Serve Blood Sausage: Delicious Recipes and Ideas

Traditional English or Irish Breakfast

One of the most popular ways to enjoy blood sausage is as part of a traditional English or Irish breakfast. 

To prepare this hearty meal, fry blood sausage until it is crispy on the outside, and serve it with eggs, bacon, beans, toast, and fried tomatoes or mushrooms. 

A full Irish breakfast also includes white pudding and black pudding, both of which are similar to blood sausage.


In Portugal, Spain, and many parts of South America, blood sausage is a common lunchtime ingredient. 

The sausage is typically fried or grilled and then served on bread as a sandwich. This simple and delicious meal is a great way to try blood sausage for the first time.


For a satisfying and hearty dinner, serve blood sausage with mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and a side of applesauce. This is a popular way to enjoy blood sausage in Central Europe. 

However, if you want to try something different, serve the sausage with sauerkraut instead of applesauce to create a dish that is similar to the way blood sausage is enjoyed in Southern Europe. Austrians prefer to top their blood sausage with horseradish for an added kick of flavor.


Blood sausage can also be served as a delicious appetizer. Slice the sausage and fry until the slices are crispy, then serve with a toothpick for a quick and easy appetizer. 

Alternatively, place the sausage slices on slices of baguette and top with roasted red pepper sauce, an apple slice, or melted goat cheese for a more sophisticated and unforgettable appetizer.

Pairings and Tips

When serving blood sausage, it is best to pair it with ingredients that complement its rich, bold flavor without overpowering it. Mild or acidic ingredients work best, such as apples, pears, sauerkraut, horseradish, mustard, or vinegar-based sauces. 

You could also pair blood sausage with ingredients like blue cheese, figs, or caramelized onions for a more complex flavor profile.

Discover the Best Dishes to Serve with Blood Sausage

Mexican Tacos de Moronga

Mexican Tacos de Moronga, or blood sausage tacos, are a popular street food in Mexico. Moronga, the Mexican version of blood sausage, is seasoned with onion, butter, and other local herbs and spices.

To make the tacos, the moronga is sliced and fried with onion, garlic, and jalapeno peppers, giving it a savory and slightly spicy flavor. The crispy and savory sausage is then added to a warm tortilla and topped with pickled onions and fresh cilantro, adding a tangy and refreshing taste to the dish.

Some variations of Tacos de Moronga may include chili verde sauce, avocado, or crumbled queso fresco. Tacos de Moronga can be found at street food stands throughout Mexico, where they are a beloved and affordable snack or meal.

Cajun Boudin Rouge

Cajun Boudin Rouge is a traditional Cajun dish that features blood sausage as a key ingredient. Boudin rouge is made with rice, onion, green bell pepper, and seasonings, which are then mixed with cooked and diced pork meat and pork blood.

The mixture is then stuffed into casings, similar to regular sausage, and cooked by boiling or steaming. Once cooked, the sausage can be enjoyed on its own, with mustard, or as an ingredient in other dishes.

In Cajun cuisine, boudin rouge is commonly used in dishes like jambalaya, gumbo, or served as a snack or appetizer. The bold and savory flavor of the blood sausage is complemented by the spicy and flavorful Cajun seasonings, making it a beloved staple of Louisiana cuisine.

Cajun Boudin Rouge is typically served warm, either as a standalone dish or as a part of a larger meal. It is a hearty and satisfying dish that is sure to please anyone who enjoys rich and flavorful sausages.

Korean Soondae Guk

Korean Soondae Guk is a traditional soup that includes sliced blood sausage known as “soondae” or “sundae.” This dish is a popular Korean street food that has become a staple in Korean cuisine.

The soup typically includes a savory broth made from beef or pork bones and various spices and seasonings. Vegetables such as onions, garlic, and scallions are added to the broth, along with sliced rice cakes and glass noodles.

The sliced soondae is added to the soup, providing a rich and savory flavor that complements the other ingredients. Some versions of the soup may also include sliced beef or pork.

Soondae Guk is often served with kimchi, a spicy fermented vegetable dish, on the side. The kimchi helps to cut through the richness of the soup, providing a contrasting flavor and texture.

This soup is commonly enjoyed during the winter months in Korea, as it is a warm and comforting dish that helps to stave off the cold. It is also a popular dish to enjoy during celebrations and festivals, such as the Lunar New Year.

Overall, Korean Soondae Guk is a delicious and unique dish that showcases the versatility of blood sausage in Korean cuisine.

Spanish Fabada Asturiana

Spanish Fabada Asturiana is a traditional stew that originated in the Asturias region of Spain. 

One of the key ingredients in the dish is the blood sausage, which adds a depth of flavor and richness to the stew. The sausage is typically made with pork blood and a variety of spices, including paprika, cumin, and garlic.

The broth is seasoned with saffron, Spanish smoked paprika, and fresh herbs, giving it a rich and aromatic flavor.

The dish is often prepared in large quantities, making it perfect for feeding a crowd or for meal prep to enjoy throughout the week. It is a great way to incorporate blood sausage into a hearty and satisfying meal that will warm you up from the inside out.

Italian Migliaccio Pistoiese

Italian Migliaccio Pistoiese is a traditional Tuscan dessert made with blood sausage. The dish is popular in the village of Pistoia, where it is commonly served during the carnival season.

Migliaccio Pistoiese is made with a mixture of pork blood, fat, and flour, which is then sweetened with sugar, flavored with cinnamon, and sometimes enriched with raisins or pine nuts. The mixture is then poured into a hot skillet, where it is fried until crispy on both sides.

The result is a thin, crispy crepe that is slightly sweet and savory at the same time. The savory flavor of the blood sausage is tempered by the sweetness of the sugar, making it a unique and delicious dessert that is popular throughout Tuscany.

In addition to the sweet version, there is also a savory version of Migliaccio Pistoiese. This version is topped with Parmesan cheese, and sometimes other ingredients such as mushrooms, onions, or other vegetables, to create a more savory flavor.

Migliaccio Pistoiese is a unique and delicious dessert that is enjoyed throughout Tuscany, and it is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Italian cuisine.

Final Thoughts

If you’re curious about trying new foods and flavors, then blood sausage should be on your list. This unique and tasty dish is not only affordable but also packed with nutrients and versatile in cooking methods. 

By following these tips, you can cook and serve blood sausage in different ways, depending on your taste and preference. So, why not add some variety to your menu and try blood sausage today?

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